Boulevart provides a full service technical production team for all your multimedia projects. We enable agencies to work together with our consultants and let them profit from our profound technical knowledge. Our encoding capabilities are flexible and scalable to meet your requirements. With several years of experience in Flash production, flex development, visual communication, web development and web design we always aim for the highest quality in our work. Please take a look at our core activities.


Boulevart is an eTIC registered supplier.

We are committed to provide the best possible services, in order to provide an optimal experience for our customers.



Web development

Boulevart creates custom database applications, content management systems, e-commerce solutions and interactive campaigns with innovative approaches and advanced methodologies. Continuous user involvement is a key element in our methodology. It ensures the compliance of requirements and development, builds trust and familiarity and manages expectations, which are all essential for the rapid acceptance of your project. We are experts in Adobe Flash, Flex, Microsoft SQL and My SQL, PhP, .NET, J2EE, AJAX, JSON and we're always eager to implement new technologies as you can see on our BLOG.

Web design

The base for our web design is thorough target audience research and competitive analyses. In this way we are able to provide an effectively designed and branded website for you. This site doesn't just provides an appealing an appropriate look and feel but also makes you stand out from your competitors. Boulevart's professional web designers are committed to create customer-focused websites that drives your target group to your products or services and converts these visits into tangible results for your business. Thanks to our extensive expertise in developing effective web solutions combined with our strong creative and technical skills, we make your web site an accurate reflection of your goals and vision. Your web presence will become a dynamic and fully functioning extension of your business, helping you develop a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Web redesign

In addition to web design from ground up, Boulevart also provides professional re-design solutions which can be easily integrated into your existing website infrastructure. Our team of consultants, graphic designers and web developers will assess your current website functionality, identify your needs and goals, and offer the best solution to improve site performance, maximize the impact of your brand and take your website to the next level. Attention to detail and vital principles of an efficient web presentation that communicates and enhances the company's brand are inseparable features of every redesign solution we provide.

Interactive Design

When it comes to translating traditional brand content to an interactive format, we have a richness of artistic and technical skills in house. Smartly designed interfaces with just the right amount of motion graphics assure that messages are delivered quickly with a straight forward and user friendly approach.

Rich Internet Application

A rich Internet application (RIA) is a new kind of web experience that is engaging, interactive, lightweight, and flexible. RIA's offer the flexibility and "ease to use" of an intelligent desktop application. The most known tools we use to build and deploy RIA's are Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight. These tools enable our developers to create personalized, multimedia-rich applications that enhance user experience and increase customer satisfaction. Our solutions are richer, more responsive and reduce network traffic for your company.

Search Engines

Search engine optimization is the art of building a web page in such a way that it is given a probable high ranking in the search engines whenever the targeted keywords are used for a search. SEO generally improves the volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines via "organic" search results. Boulevart can offer SEO as a stand-alone service or as a part of a broader marketing campaign to optimize visibility and brand awareness. Effective SEO often requires changes to the HTML source code of your site. Our SEO tactics are incorporated into our web site development and design. Our websites, coding, design and content management systems are "search engine friendly".

Content Management Solutions

You want to improve the way you manange your content? Toghter with Cronos we help you to optimize your creation-, maintenance- and publication process and make it easy accessible for your employees, partners and customers. Our wide experience allows us to help you identify the right solution for your strategic and operational requirements and scale of operations in this quickly evolving market with its often confusing and overlapping vendor offerings.

Video and Motion Graphics

We are a full-service video post production company providing video editing, motion graphic design and digital visual effects. From full-scale digital video productions and editing to amazing Adobe Aftereffects & Adobe Flash motion graphics. We deliver dazzling motion graphics for the web, or narrow casting solutions. Need video or audio production services? We can handle that too.